Frank (Franz) Koenigsberger (1907 - 1979)

Frank (Franz) Koenigsberger

Born in Germany in 1907, Koenigsberger studied under Professor Schlesinger at Berlin University. Many engineers were influenced by Professor Schlesinger—through his teaching, his writing, his research—but none more so than Koenigsberger. After working as Schlesinger's private assistant, he left Germany in 1935, to escape the ensuing atrocities of Hitler. He worked for Belgian milling machine manufacturers as a Chief Designer and Engineer until 1938 when he came to England.

Following employment at Cravens in Redish and Cooke and Ferguson, Koenigsberger turned to academic life in 1947.

Professor Koenigsberger was one of the founding members of CIRP (International Academy of Production Engineering), President of CIRP and President of Manchester Association of Engineers. In 1959 he was the joint (with Professor Tobias at Birmingham University) originator of the Machine Tool Design and Research Conferences, now known as the MATADOR Conference on Advanced Manufacturing.

On retirement from Koenigsberger's post as England's first-ever Professor of Machine Tools at the Faculty of Technology, he held honorary doctorates from the universities of Berlin, Ghent, and Bradford and an Honorary Fellowship from Manchester Polytechnic.


Outstanding contribution to science

Welding and metal cutting

Professor Koenigsberger is well known for his pioneering research in engineering design and manufacturing.

He is an author of the books 'Design for Welding', 'Welding Technology', 'Design for Strength and Production', 'Design Principles for Metal Cutting Machine Tools', and 'Machine Tool Structure' that have been published in several languages and have influenced generations of manufacturing researchers and engineers worldwide.


Koenigsberger at Manchester

It was Manchester College of Technology, now University of Manchester, that had the foresight to enrol Koenigsberger onto their staff in 1947. At first he was a Lecturer, then in 1957 he became Reader in Machine Tools and Production Processes and finally, when to quote the Professor that had made 'machine tools research to become academically respectable in England', he was elevated to the first Professor of Machine Tool Engineering in England. He retired from this post at the age of 68 in September 1975.

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