Aiming to explore the wide scale integration of PV (Photovoltaic Systems) into the UK electricity networks, synthesizing in a holistic way the costs and benefits of possible PV scenarios from a system perspective.

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DiSECCS is designed to address an issue that is of considerable current concern in CCS, impacting on storage site operators, government regulators and, at a higher level, government policy.

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Energy from Rice Straw

This project will take rice straw, which is currently a waste material creating environmental problems in intensive rice systems across South and South-East Asia, and demonstrate the feasibility of converting it to a useful energy resource.

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Examining the resilience of the UK electricity network, the project specifically looks at the impacts of climate change on decarbonised grids.


High Seas

Exploring the technical and operational measures available for reducing global shipping emissions by an amount sufficient for the UK to meet its overall climate change objectives.

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Aiming to develop a series of scenarios relevant to consumption articulating pathways to alternative futures from both an adaptation and mitigation perspective.

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Biomass is unique within the renewables sector in that the sustainably accessible resource is finite. This project examines how best to utilise this limited resource in the UK investigating fuel characteristics, user requirements, conversion routes and their impacts.

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Researchers from Tyndall Manchester are part of the consortium currently work on this large-scale Integrated Project co-founded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, in the Energy area for the "Development of Interactive Distribution Energy Networks.

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