Real Time Control of Gasifiers Project


Real time control of gasifiers to increase tolerance to biomass variety and reduce emissions

This project is led by Dr Ian Watson at the University of Glasgow with Dr Paul Gilbert as the Tyndall Manchester lead and will focus on the issues impacting poor, current gasification performance and will provide greater understanding of the role that biomass and its pretreatment has on gasification efficiency and emissions. Solutions will be researched to control the gasifier in real time and reduce the tar formation and allow gasification of a broader selection of biomass. This will provide benefit to users around the world, allowing reduced tar formation, less downtime, and increased feedstock opportunities.

Project Objectives

The principle objective of this research is to demonstrate controlled gasification operating at the minimum tar production point for a range of biomass varieties and pretreatment inputs; achieved via robust and inexpensive control systems, with reduced greenhouse gas and particulate emissions. Improvement in gasification performance will be the main outcome, quantifying viability of biomass and its pretreatment in the UK.

Tyndall Manchester Work Packages

Tyndall Manchester will manage the attributional life cycle assessment (ALCA) and techno-economic assessment (TEA) and the short investigation into how the project can impact the international potential of gasifiers. This work will be take place in the following work packages:-

WP4 Biomass harvesting and Pretreatment:-

  • WP4.1 Assessment of UK biomass

WP6 GHG and deployment scenario modelling

  • WP6.1 Sustainability options
  • WP6.2 International deployment scenarios

WP7 Towards Implementation and scaling strategies

Further information

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