SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub

Taking a "whole systems" approach to bioenergy, with a focus on the benefits that new technologies can bring within the context of the whole production and utilisation chain

An Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) project aiming to bring together industry, academia and other stakeholders to focus on the research and knowledge challenges associated with increasing the contribution of UK bioenergy to meet strategic environmental targets in a coherent, sustainable and cost-effective manner.


Particular focus on evaluating the ecological, economic and social aspects of the bioenergy chains being developed

Leading edge research to address the engineering challenges associated with bioenergy deployment, with a particular focus on enabling flexible energy vectors

This will allow for provision of appropriate scientific evidence and information to government and other stakeholders to facilitate development of the most sustainable bioenergy systems for the UK.

Objectives of the Hub

The Hub aims to:-

  • Act as a focal point for sharing and dissemination of scientific knowledge and engineering understanding to facilitate near-term deployment of technologies;
  • Investigate and develop new approaches for dealing with the very significant engineering challenges associated with deployment of more novel technologies;
  • Improve scientific understanding of the fundamental aspects of different forms of biomass and its conversion;
  • Take a whole-systems perspective to comprehensively evaluate the potential of future technology options;
  • Adopt an interdisciplinary approach to look beyond the engineering and technical aspects of bioenergy and ensure adequate consideration of the impacts on ecosystems, social responses to technology deployment and the economic context of policy development.

Further information

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