Staff - Tyndall Centre

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Dana Abi Ghanem Researcher and Lecturer at Tyndall 0161-2754350 Pariser Building - H1 
Prof Kevin Anderson Professor, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research 0161-3063701 Pariser Building 
Miss Lisa Bell Research Development Officer - Tyndall Centre 0161-3063258 Pariser Building - H1-E 
Prof Alice Larkin Professor of Climate Science & Energy Policy 0161-3063737 George Begg Building - B1 
Dr John Broderick Lecturer 0161-3069202 Pariser Building - H8 
Dr Paul Gilbert Senior Lecturer in Climate Change Mitigation 0161-3063845 Pariser Building - H9 
Dr Clair Gough Senior Research Fellow 0161-3063447 Pariser Building 
Dr Christopher Jones Research Associate 0161-2754432 Pariser Building - H1A 
Dr Sarah Mander Research Associate 0161-3063259 Pariser Building 
Dr Carly McLachlan Lecturer in Energy and Climate Change and Knowledge Exchange Fellow Pariser Building - H.8 
Dr Laura O'keefe Business Engagement Officer (FSE) 0161-2754330 Sackville Street Building - B13 laura.o' 
Dr Mirjam Roeder Visitor 0161-2754344 Pariser Building 
Dr Maria Sharmina Lecturer 0161-2754308 Pariser Building 
Miss Amrita Sidhu Project Officer Pariser Building 
Prof Peter Stansby Osborne Reynolds Chair 0161-3064598 Pariser Building - B9 
Prof Patricia Thornley Professor in Sustainable Energy systems 0161-3063257 Pariser Building - H4 
Dr Andrew Welfle Extended Project Post (res Assoc) Pariser Building - TYNDALL CENTRE H1 
Dr Ruth Wood Lecturer 0161-3063715 Pariser Building - H1 G 
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