Radiolytical analysis suite

Radiolytical Systems

Radiolytical system

The radiolytical analysis suite in our material labs is capable of processing a wide variety of materials and can provide information on isotope inventories and radionuclide contaminants. This is achieved through a suite of instruments, including a gamma spectrometer, liquid scintillation counters and a range of counting tubes and contamination monitors, as well as appropriate preparation and handling facilities such as glove boxes, fume cupboards, polishers, etc.

These systems are cleared for work with radionuclide based materials.

Instrument contacts: Dr Abbie Jones.


Leaching Facilities

Leaching facilities

The analytical suite includes facilities to simulate and monitor the release of radionuclide contaminants into aqueous solutions, and as such, provides the capability of long term assessments of potential environmental releases.

Instrument contacts: Dr Abbie Jones.
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