Impact and explosion facilities

Drop hammers


  • A range of drop hammers up to impact velocity of 10m/s, impactor mass of 150kg  and impact energy of 8kJ

High pressure gas gun

  • Single-stage, high pressure gas gun facilities (23mm-60mm calibre) for penetration and perforation tests within impact velocity range of 50-500m/s
  • Two-stage light gas gun facility up to 2km/s velocity

Explosion containment vessels


  • Explosion containment vessels up to 30g TNT for spalling/scabbing tests

Other facilities

  • ESH 200kN servo hydraulic high speed (5m/s) tensile/compressive testing machine
  • Zwick 50kN servo hydraulic high speed (20 m/s) tensile test machine
  • SHPB system for material dynamic property test between 100-5000 1/s strain-rate
  • A range of transient digital data recorders (1MHz-1GHz) and oscilloscopes; multiple channels of strain gauge conditioning units and charge amplifier units; electro optical non-contact displacement transducer system
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