Staff - Bio-engineering

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Parthasarathi Mandal Reader, Programme Director (UG Civil Engineering), Theme Leader (Bio-Engineering) 0161-3064622 Pariser Building - C6 
Prof Paulo JDS Bartolo Chair in Advanced Manufacturing 0161-3064887 Pariser Building - C4 
Dr Marco Domingos Senior Lecturer 0161-3064889 Pariser Building - C8 
Dr Robert Heinemann Lecturer 0161-3063809 Pariser Building - G14 
Dr Steven Lind Lecturer 0161-2754260 Pariser Building - B3 
Dr Ben Parslew Senior Lecturer 0161-3063815 Pariser Building - B36 
Dr Lei Ren Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics 0161-3064251 Pariser Building - C13 
Dr Alistair Revell Reader, Deputy Head of School, Dir. Social Responsibility 0161-3063762 George Begg Building - C40 
Prof Jyoti Sinha Professor, Programme Director, Reliability Engineering and Asset Management (REAM) MSc and Head, Dynamics Laboratory 0161-3064639 Pariser Building - B50 
Dr Andrew Weightman Senior Lecturer 0161-3063812 Pariser Building - B19 
Dr Amir Keshmiri Lecturer in CFD/Director of Business Engagement 0161-3065752 George Begg Building - C42 
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