Marine environments

The UK has one of the World's best marine environments for energy extraction. Offshore wind, wave & tidal energy and biomass production are all technically viable options in UK waters. However, the potential impact of these developments can be the source of much controversy with issues arising in relation to: navigation safety, fish and sea mammal populations, income for local fishers, tourism, visual amenity, recreational sea users etc.

Focussed research

At Tyndall Manchester we have conducted a range of public and stakeholder focussed research, looking at support and opposition for these technologies as well as the barriers to the deployment and development of the sector. In addition, we have researched processes for engaging the wide range of marine stakeholders in siting decisions.

Tyndall Manchester has a close link's with the University of Manchester's own wave energy convertor.

Related research

Tyndall Manchester has a close link's with the Offshore Renewable Energy research theme.

Academic Staff: Carly McLachlan

Please contact one of the academic staff for further details of current research activity.

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