Structural vibration, control and energy harvesting faciltities

  • Facilities for Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations e.g. for simulating the performance of an actual magnetorheological damper as part of a simulated vehicle suspension system

  • Human-Structure Interaction Test Rig


  • Vibration control and measurement system

The vibration control and measurement system consists of an APS113 Shaker, Power Amplifier, Vibration Control Unit, CED Power 1401, Spike -2 package and accelerometers.

  • ESH 200kN servo hydraulic high speed (5m/s) tensile/compressive testing machine
  • Zwick 50kN servo hydraulic high speed (20 m/s) tensile test machine
  • SHPB system for material dynamic property test between 100-5000 1/s strain-rate
  • A range of transient digital data recorders (1MHz-1GHz) and oscilloscopes; multiple channels of strain gauge conditioning units and charge amplifier units; electro optical non-contact displacement transducer system

  • Various types of smart materials/devices for adaptive vibration control or energy harvesting

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