Impact and explosion

Impact and explosion are extreme loads involving high pressure, temperature and strain-rate

Research focus

Material and structural responses to impact and explosion loads are the focus in this research area, which covers low- to hyper-velocity impact (i.e. 100-104 m/s) and blast due to explosion or detonation of energetic materials.

We specialise in the:

  • material characterisation at high strain-rate,
  • structural crashworthiness,
  • penetration and ballistic mechanics
  • protective technology involving wide range of engineering materials (e.g. metals, polymers, concrete-like materials, cellular materials and composites)

which have broad applications in sports, transportation, aerospace, nuclear, marine, defence and security engineering sectors.

Current research activities

  1. Research and consultation projects
    • Engineering constitutive and failure model of plastics and fibre-reinforced plastics (2013-2017, EPSRC/Jaguar Land Rover)
    • Polymer-based impact barrier system (2012-2016, A-Safe)
    • Dynamic behaviour of heterogeneous materials (2012-2013, CAEP)
    • Stress wave propagation in damaged rock (2011-2014, Royal Society)
  2. CPD course: Impact and Blast Effects: theory, analysis and design (annually since 2010)
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