Rajkaran Singh Kharbanda

Rajkaran Singh Kharbanda

The most valuable aspect of my time at Manchester was everything I learnt outside the classroom. From survival skills to networking, from improvising to discipline – each and every experience added a dimension to my personality and I leverage all of it every step of the way.

Regional Customer Quality & Process Excellence Manager at Rolls-Royce Plc

Studying at Manchester

I did BEng Mechanical Engineering in 2009 and Innovation Management in 2010 at the University of Manchester, but also took the opportunity to study at Harvard University and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The technical grounding, access to world-class staff, limitless opportunities, and a truly international University culture added breadth and depth to my development.

My role

I lead the ERA Regional team in the management of quality issues impacting customers; internal processes and investigations; driving Process Excellence and continuous improvement activities; executing internal/external audits; and reducing Cost of Non Quality across the Region. I'm responsible for Europe, Russia, & Africa, reporting to the Regional Director and the Global Quality & PE Executive.


I started off on the Manufacturing Leadership Programme and worked in Operations across Civil Aerospace (UK + China), Defence Aerospace (USA), Gas Turbine Supply Chain (UK), and successfully exited the scheme in half the usual time-scale onto my 1st Management position in Energy across Europe, Russia and Africa. 

The varied functional/global mix of placements required a balance between technical and soft skills. An engineering background forms the stepping stone, but the range of extra-curricular activities and courses that Manchester gives you access to - are truly value adding.


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