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I chose the University of Manchester for my postgraduate degree because it ranks in the UK's top 10 colleges. Apart from its reputation, my favourite lecturer in my previous degree had also graduated from here. She told me that Manchester would be a great choice, not just as a place to study but as a place to live too.

Tell us about life in the city

In my opinion Manchester is a good city. Free buses around the city are available which is very convenient, especially for students. There is China town which is important to Asian like me. I can say Manchester has almost everything that I could have needed.

The University of Manchester and the city itself have a perfect combination of old and modern buildings. When you walk around the city and campus, you will be amazed by many historical buildings decorated inside with contemporary design.

What was the best part of the course?

The course gave me an opportunity to design and manufacture things. I gained a lot of knowledge and experiences from mistakes made when practicing. The most enjoyable part is when I can see my design in physical, not just understanding in theory or calculating on computer

In my bachelor degree I never wrote a report. Things are different here as I had to write about 5 reports per semester. These reports taught me to how to have a responsibility and allocate my time efficiently. I was also required to study many things by myself as often the coursework only provided an introduction to the problem. The rest of it I had to figure out by myself.

In every course students are required to use engineering software to do their coursework. I think this is very useful and beneficial, especially for me where those universities in my country don’t have this kind of software. Also, I have many great friends from many different countries with different cultures giving me a broad and diverse outlook.

And did you have a favourite lecturer?

The most important thing is that I have met the best teacher, Andy Weightman. He taught me a plethora of great things, related to not only academic, but also everyday life. He taught me how to work and communicate with co-workers or technicians. When I faced the problem, he did not give me the direct solution. Instead, he only guided me and let me find it by myself. These advices are very valuable.

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