Staff - Lecturers and Research Fellows

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Imran Afgan Lecturer and Director MSc Thermal Power & Fluids Engg 0161-2754334 George Begg Building - C38 
Dr Olivier Allegre Lecturer in Laser Processing 0161-3064237 Pariser Building - G16 
Dr David Apsley Lecturer 0161-3063732 Pariser Building - C15 
Dr Nicholas Bojdo Lecturer 0161-3063815 Pariser Building - B36 
Dr Andrea Bottacin Busolin Lecturer 0161-3068970 Pariser Building - B15 
Dr John Broderick Lecturer 0161-3069202 Pariser Building - H8 
Dr Paul Chan Lecturer in Project Management 0161-2754319 Pariser Building - E17 
Dr Andrea Cioncolini Lecturer in Thermal Hydraulics 0161-3063711 George Begg Building - C32 
Dr Glen Cooper Lecturer in Solid Mechanics & Bioengineering 0161-3065819 John Garside Building - 2.022 
Dr Lee Cunningham Lecturer 0161-2754408 Pariser Building - B4 
Dr Jonathan Dewsbury Lecturer 0161-3064259 Pariser Building - G17 
Mrs Helen E Dobson Lecturer 0161-2754449 Pariser Building - E13 
Dr Marco Domingos Senior Lecturer 0161-3064889 Pariser Building - C8 
Dr Paul Gilbert Senior Lecturer in Climate Change Mitigation 0161-3063845 Pariser Building - H9 
Dr Graham Hall Senior Lecturer 0161-2754400 Pariser Building - C18 
Dr Robert Heinemann Lecturer 0161-3063809 Pariser Building - G14 
Mrs Anna Hiley Lecturer 0161-3064258 Pariser Building - G26 
Dr Peter Hollingsworth Lecturer in Aerospace 0161-3063741 George Begg Building - C.30 
Prof Andrey Jivkov Professor of Solid Mechanics 0161-3063765 George Begg Building - C.034 
Dr Abbie Jones Senior Lecturer 0161-3063848 Pariser Building - G10 
Mr Timothy Jones Senior Lecturer 0161-2754365 Pariser Building 
Dr Kali-Babu Katnam Lecturer in Structural Engineering 0161-2754307 Pariser Building - G12 
Dr Richard Kirkham Senior Lecturer 0161-3064634 Pariser Building - E16 
Dr Pauleen Lane Lecturer In Geotechnical Engineering 0161-3064592 Pariser Building - B45 
Mr David Ling Visitor 0161-3064606 Pariser Building - E19 
Dr Domenico Lombardi Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering 0161-2754544 Pariser Building - C27 
Dr Lee Margetts Senior Lecturer in Structural Integrity 0161-2756319 Pariser Building - G9 
Dr Carly McLachlan Lecturer in Energy and Climate Change and Knowledge Exchange Fellow Pariser Building - H.8 
Dr Amir Keshmiri Lecturer in CFD/Director of Business Engagement 0161-3065752 George Begg Building - C42 
Dr Kassandra Papadopoulou Lecturer in Enterprise 0161-3064652 Roscoe Building - 5.16E 
Dr Ben Parslew Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering 0161-3063815 Pariser Building - B36 
Dr Mark Quinn Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering 0161-2754557 Pariser Building - E2 
Dr Peter Roberts Senior Lecturer in Spacecraft Engineering 0161-3064636 George Begg Building - C8 
Dr Matthew Roy Lecturer in Materials for Demanding Environments 0161-2754316 Pariser Building - B49 
Dr Majid Sedighi Lecturer 0161-2754436 Pariser Building - C30 
Dr Maria Sharmina Lecturer 0161-2754308 Pariser Building 
Dr Katharine Smith Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering 0161-3063731 George Begg Building - C36 
Dr Ian Stewart Senior Lecturer and Assistant Programme Director 0161-3063705 Pariser Building - E04 
Dr M Ahmad Syed Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering 0161-3064637 Pariser Building - E15 
Dr Azam Tafreshi Lecturer 0161-2754459 Pariser Building - B2 
Dr Andrew Weightman Senior Lecturer 0161-3063812 Pariser Building - B19 
Dr Ruth Wood Lecturer 0161-3063715 Pariser Building - H1 G 
Dr Jack Wu Lecturer In Structural Engineering 0161-3065792 Pariser Building - B18 
Dr Zhenmin Zou Lecturer 0161-3062403 Pariser Building - C14 
Dr Akilu Yunusa-Kaltungo Lecturer in Plant Reliability and Maintenance Engineering Pariser Building - E2 
Dr Clara Cheung Lecturer in Project Management Pariser Building - E19 
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