Register with a doctor (GP)

We do not have a doctor's service at the University, so you must register with a local doctor to receive NHS treatment in Manchester.

You must register with a local doctor to receive NHS (National Health Service) treatment whilst you are in Manchester. The University does not have its own doctors' service. If your home is in the UK you will still be eligible for treatment when you visit; tell your doctor that you are registered with a Manchester doctor whilst you are at University. You will then have to complete a temporary registration form.

Registering with the doctor will enable international students, their spouse and children (but not visiting relatives) to receive free medical care, provided that they are in the UK for six months or longer. You are also encouraged to register with a local dentist so that you can receive treatment for a small fixed charge.

Finding a doctor

Lists of local doctors are available from:





  • Local post offices
  • Occupational Health Services
  • The Students' Union Advice Centre
  • NHS Choices website – use your term-time address postcode to search services near you

National Health Service (NHS)

If you haven't been able to find a local GP or dentist then you check the NHS website which will give you details of your nearest GPs who are still taking on new patients. You can also find information from the same site on the nearest hospital, dentist and chemist.


If you are ill whilst studying then you should check your course handbook for advice about notifying your school.

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