Industrial experience - Case study

Placement at Mott MacDonald and Network Rail

Matthew McAnulty was seconded to Network Rail from Mott MacDonald where he worked as Assistant Project Manager on the Fiscal Stimulus Programme. His work started off being requesting documents and extracting site information, as well as administrative duties. However, soon he was also involved in drawing up contract and communicating with various contractors to keep the projects on track to be completed by their due date.

"Without a shadow of a doubt - do it! You’ll get experience, contacts in industry and money…what more can you ask for? It may be tough to get the placement itself but the skills you’ll develop are invaluable. 

The best thing for me was completing work on a daily basis which actually had an impact on the success of a project. After being in education for seventeen years, it was a very fulfilling experience to actually be working on something which made an impact on the real world. I’ve actually found it quite difficult to readjust back to the education work mentality. In my case, I really enjoyed the responsibility of playing such a large role in the project management and commercial aspects of the projects. From managing the Contractors to contract production, I managed to get a real variety of experiences, which will hopefully help me when it comes to completing my professional development for Chartership.

On a more light-hearted note, I really enjoyed not having any exams, having evenings free from coursework to develop other skills and being paid to do it was just the icing on the cake."

Matthew McAnulty, MEng Civil Engineering with Industrial Experience

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