Engineering at Manchester

 Nearly 200 years of expertise in engineering.

The School and University's history is closely linked to Manchester's emergence as the world's first industrial city in the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. Read the full history.

1824 A rapid increase in the town's population created a need to educate working men in basic principles of science prompted Manchester wealthy manufacturers and industrialists to establish the Mechanics' Institute. Later renamed the Manchester Municipal Technical School.
1851 Owens College was founded for the education of males on non-sectarian lines.
1880 Owens College was given a status of the England's first civic university, The Victoria University of Manchester.
1905 The Victoria University of Manchester establishes a Faculty of Technology at the Technical School to teach university-level courses in technology. In 1918 renamed Manchester Municipal College of Technology.
1956 The Faculty of Technology achieved independent university status. Establishment of the Manchester College of Science and Technology that in 1966 was renamed The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UMIST.
2004 The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST merged to form The University of Manchester.
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