Maps and travel


  • Campus map - a detailed map of the whole campus together with an index of buildings (326 KB)
  • City centre - the location of the university in Manchester marked in purple    (137 KB)



If you are using sat nav or Google maps the north campus postcode is M1 3NL or M1 3BB

Our buildings

The School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering is presently accommodated in three buildings across the campus. The Reception is located in the George Begg Building

The George Begg Building

No 17 Campus map

The Pariser Building

No 12 Campus map

The Sackville Building

No 1 Campus map

Parking and sustainable travel

Car parks

University and car parking spaces are convenient and safe. Paid public parking is available in the

  • multi-storey Car Park A on Charles Street and in
  • the Manchester Aquatics Centre multi-storey car park B on Booth Street East.

 is car parks symbol on the Campus map. If you have an appointment with a member of staff they may be able to provide you with a parking permit for the day.

Sustainable travel

Travel to meetings, lectures, seminars or conferences conveniently and sustainably via one of the university schemes and services:

  • Shuttle bus - There are regular shuttle buses to pick up and drop off students at various points around the campus. These are also highlighted on the Campus map.
  • By bike - Covered bike racks are available outside the main entrance to the Pariser and George Begg Buildings.
  • By Foot – Use online tools such as Walkit or GPS Routes to plan the quickest route.
  • Car share – A designated Greater Manchester private group has been established with members from Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Manchester, Central NHS Trust and Royal Northern College of Music.
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