Collaborative Research

Our very essence is the application of cutting-edge engineering research solutions to industrial problems. If you would like to develop mutual partnerships with world leading researchers who are experts in their field, commission or sponsor the School of MACE to conduct research for your business, or even collaborate with us on a research project, we want to hear from you. We have our very own support team on hand to provide responsive support to legal and intellectual property issues and we have a large workforce of staff and researchers available to meet the specific challenges of the project.

 To find out more about how to engage with us see please the information here.

 Engaging with our experts can provide you and your business with the following benefits: 

  • Access to a wealth of knowledge, expertise and skills. A personal link to our staff in the School of MACE and colleagues in our sister Schools across the faculty. Our industrial partners regularly join us for on-site meetings at the University of Manchester and take the opportunity to tour our extensive facilities. Through these links many have established contacts with new experts and departments.
  • Novel solutions and ideas to address specific problems or requirements. Working with the School of MACE provides the ideal opportunity to develop something entirely new. The impact of our research was rated as 'world-leading' in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework on account of the tangible benefits gained by our partners in industry.
  • Access to a unique range of opportunities to get your project moving. As the largest single-site concentration of engineering academics in Europe we have the perfect combination of facilities and staff. Collaborative research can range from just a few months to a multi-year relationship and can be with a Masters student, a PhD student, a Professor or a Post Doctoral Researcher. 

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