Innovation and Commercialisation

The University of Manchester has a rich history of innovation and pioneering new technologies, and offers a range of technology transfer and IP investment opportunities across diverse market sectors.

The commercialization of our intellectual property (IP) is managed by the University of Manchester Intellectual Property office (UMIP) and lets your business benefit from innovations emanating from University of Manchester research.

The School of MACE has a lot to offer including world-class research and testing facilities, some of which are unique to the University of Manchester and cannot be found elsewhere. The School also brings together academics who are research experts and knowledge transfer specialists in their fields of expertise.

***Due to a number of requests from our industrial partners, the organisers of ‘MACEinnovates’ have decided to postpone this event to a later date and involve other Engineering disciplines within the University of Manchester. We apologise if this change causes any inconvenience. Further details will be provided in due course***

‘MACEinnovates!’ is a brand new 1-day event with an aim of displaying the latest state-of-the-art research capabilities of the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) at the University of Manchester, and is a unique networking opportunity to connect the School’s world-leading researchers with the UK's most dynamic hi-tech entrepreneurs, corporate, support, and funding organisations and professional communities. This event features high-profile keynote speakers from a wide range of industries and will reveal the current and future funding opportunities available to companies to work with the cutting edge researchers in MACE.


IP Commercialisation - UMIP

University of Manchester Intellectual Property (UMIP) is the University of Manchester’s agent for intellectual property commercialisation and is a division of The University of Manchester Iᶟ Ltd (UMI3) – The University’s Innovation Company. UMI3 is wholly owned by the University of Manchester which has over a 25 year history of IP commercialisation.

UMIP’s role is to bring as much of the University’s ground-breaking inventions and software, as is relevant, into the commercial world. This is achieved principally by attracting entrepreneurs, investors and corporate venture partners to our campus and Innovation Centre and then, through engagement with our academic colleagues, licensing or spinning out companies.

Please see the UMIP website for a list of contacts and follow UMIP on Twitter @UMIPnews

An early warning system for diabetic foot ulcers

The School of MACE are conducting University of Manchester Research Institute funded research into the development of an early warning and detection system specifically for diabetic foot ulceration. Targeted research into the aetiology of diabetic foot ulcers, in conjunction with the development of a sophisticated tool to enable bio-feedback should enable improved and more timely healthcare management of diabetic foot ulcers, and greatly increase our understanding of the complications of diabetes mellitus.


Development of safe roadside equipment

Passively safe roadside equipment is designed to avoid serious injury when collided with by a vehicle. The novel technology developed in collaboration with Ritherdon is a high-quality, stainless steel electrical enclosure for highways use which has been crash-tested and which is passively safe to EN 12767, making it possibly the world’s first. Ritherdon successfully crash tested their RB800 Passive Cabinet at the Transport Research Laboratory in December 2012 and January 2013 in two tests.

In both tests the cabinet sheared away near its base on impact and was knocked ahead of the vehicle. The impact on the vehicle/passengers is much reduced as is danger of any electrical components breaking inside the cabinet.

Automated measurement of cooling channel wall thickness in turbine blades

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership project with the Lancashire firm ELE Advanced Technologies Ltd, led in MACE by Professor Srichand Hinduja, successfully developed a system for automated measurement of wall thicknesses of cooling channels which have been drilled in turbine blades; including algorithms and software for system control and processing of ultrasound data.

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