Our Strategic Partners

Sellafield nuclear fuel reprocessing and nuclear decommissioning site

We place tremendous value on our partnerships and on the existing relationships we have with society. Our strategic relationships are carefully selected and managed by a dedicated team of support staff. In recent years we have established strong and successful links with a range of leading global engineering companies including:

The work with our partners ranges from executive training programmes to long-term collaborative research. They are bilateral and mutually beneficial, and the opportunities gleaned from such activities are felt across the breadth of our activities.

If you are interested to find out more about becoming a strategic partner of the School of MACE please get in touch.

Case Study | Sellafield Project Academy

The School of MACE has a formal partnership with the University of Cumbria and has recently been successful in winning the £13.2million Sellafield Project Academy programme.

The new Academy at Sellafield will provide students with the specialist education and professional qualifications necessary to deliver the complex and challenging projects associated with decommissioning Europe’s most complex nuclear site.

The Academy was initially proposed by Sellafield Ltd and will be delivered by the University of Cumbria, who will develop and provide a range of higher education programmes, from diplomas and degrees to masters and doctorates, and will be supported by the School of MACE at the University of Manchester, the first academic establishment to introduce higher education associated with project management.

By providing people with the skills to meet current and future needs of the industry, Sellafield Ltd is investing in the development of local people while helping to address the growing demand for project professionals, not just for the nuclear industry, but for all industries UK and worldwide. The Academy will enable employees to increase the depth of their knowledge in their chosen profession, as well as enabling them to broaden their knowledge of other project related professions through a range of training opportunities.

Employees began their education with the Academy in September 2016.

Steve Cockayne, Chief Engineer at Sellafield

Visiting Professor at School of MACE 2017

Professor Steve Cockayne, Chief Engineer, is accountable for the engineering workforce at Sellafield Sites Limited and will be a visiting Professor at the School of MACE in 2017. Professor Cockayne’s mission is to drive up and maintain the professionalization of the Sellafield engineering workforce at all levels, an aim which is in line with the engineering education strategy of the School of MACE.

Professor Cockayne's support will be invaluable to the School of MACE and the faculty of Science and Engineering (SE), as well as to the West Cumbria region, as he will provide advisory support to the University with respect to the influence and implications of the new “Apprenticeship Levy”. Professor Cockayne works closely with his colleague Ken McEwan, Head of Training at Sellafield and chair of the Government’s Round Table for Degree Apprenticeships (DA), in Number 10 Downing Street.

Professor Cockayne's areas of influence and impact will include:

  • Advisory support to MACE, SE and the University in the field of engineering education,
  • Accessing case material and subject matter experts in Sellafield to enrich the engineering curriculum in MACE,
  • Occasional guest lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students,
  • Networking gateway to engineering groups within Sellafield,
  • Link for potential research and consultancy opportunities, utilizing the expertise in MACE to support Sellafield.
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