PhD Student Unéné Gregory reaches MEC Venture Further finals with 'Ambulation Technology'

2nd year PhD student Miss Unéné Gregory has reached the Venture Further Finals with her 'Ambulation Technologies' initiative.

Venture Further is a business plan competition that is run annually by the Manchester Enterprise Centre (MEC). The competition gives students and alumni the opportunity to receive expert feedback on their business ideas and a chance to win £10,000 towards said idea; business ideas can be entered into one of four categories, business, social, digital and research.‌

Miss Unéné Gregory, a 2nd year PhD candidate in the school of MACE, entered her business idea in the research category of the 2016 Venture Further competition and became one of four finalists. Her business idea, Ambulation Technologies, is to develop lower limb prostheses that are more biologically inspired; this idea stems from her doctoral research in the field of biomechanics and biomechatronics and is something she has wanted to pursue for years.

After completing her PhD, she plans to continue working within this field and to establish a company focusing on developing this kind of assistive technology. Miss Gregory said that being a finalist in the Venture Further competition has given her the opportunity to refine the business aspect of her idea and has given her the validation and confidence to pursue her idea as a viable business. 

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