Bio-engineering talk from Professor Tony Anson of Brunel University, Monday 4th of December 2-4 PM (Renold building - E1). All students and staff are invited to attend.

Prof Anson is a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur, and leads the MSc Biomedical Engineering module on biomaterials and biomechanics. Prof Anson has founded several start-up companies and is a director of Renishaw Advanced Materials, through which he organises commercial diamond-like carbon coatings and other advanced manufacturing applications.

Talk title is "Exploiting Opportunities in the Biomedical Sector- Commercial and Scientific Potential "



All medical devices for trauma or therapy have limitations in regard to integration at the biological interface and subsequent  longevity: a hip prostheses made from cobalt-chromium alloy is a physiological and "chemical" mismatch with the surrounding hard tissue, leading to potential toxic responses and prosthetic loosening. Vascular stents, with particular reference to small vessel stenting, can be problematic due to restentosis, and late thrombosis. Treatment methods used for cancer remain palliative, not curative and infection remains an issue with medical implants. The demerits relating to the performance of medical devices and treatments present exciting opportunities in the biomedical sector to consider alternative approaches in research and how this might be converted to commercial advantage. This talk will give examples of problems/solutions in the biomedical sector and how this can progress via research, to commercial opportunity.

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