Bioinspired Micro-Robotics Research in MACE Attracts Wide Media Attention

Dr Mostafa Nabawy was a Keynote speaker in the Industry 4.0 Academia summit held on the 1st of March at Manchester Central. In his talk, Dr Nabawy showed the innovative research currently undertaken within the Microsystems Lab in MACE to set the agenda for the future of micro-robots.

The talk provided an overview of two bioinspired micro-robotic systems. The first is influenced by the extraordinary jumping capability of spiders, while the second reflects the extraordinary flying capability of bees. The talk was accompanied with a press release from Manchester University News (link: The press release highlighted our micro-robotic research which attracted a huge attention from many science and technology media outlets such as: IEEE, TECH EXPLORIST, EurekAlert!, Science Daily, AZO ROBOTICS, Forbes, among many others.

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