The DAMS 2.0 project

The DAMS2.0 research project, led by the University of Manchester, was formally launched on 18th October 2017 with a public lecture by Prof. Bill Adams of Cambridge University, titled ‘Designing Dams That Don’t Cost The Earth’. Prof. Adams was introduced by University President and Vice-Chancellor Dame Nancy Rothwell and project CEO Prof. David Hulme.

Within the school, Prof. Julien Harou will act as DAMS 2.0 Research Director, Prof. Alice Larkin and Prof. Kevin Anderson will lead on climate change implications and adaptation, Dr Tim Foster will lead on agricultural systems modelling, and Dr Andrea Bottacin-Busolin will lead on hydropower system operations.

The DAMS 2.0 project will address the challenges set out in Prof. Adams’ lecture with £8 million of RCUK Global Challenges Research funding. The School of MACE will focus on the technical challenges associated with selecting and designing portfolios of dams and other infrastructure in the context of competing demands for water resources for water, energy and food security and deep uncertainty about future conditions...dams

Prof. Adams spoke about the history and evolution of dam design and both the challenges and importance of reducing negative social and environmental impacts of

More information available here.

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