Laser Processing Research Centre (LPRC)

The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Director Prof Lin Li

50-nm microsphere nanoscope

March 2011

Our micro nano team, in collaboration with Data Storage Institute and National University of Singapore scientists, has developed the world's first 50 nm resolution white light nanoscope. The paper 'Optical virtual imaging at 50-nm lateral resolution with a white light nanoscope' was published in Nature Communications on March 1, 2011, which has received very good public interests and media coverage, including BBC, ScienceDaily, New York Times, Daily Mail, Independent, Australian BC and a large number of science and engineering websites.

New equipment

LPRC has purchased and installed new equipment:

  • 400W Picosecond Laser with 8 axis of motion controls.
  • 16KW Fibre Laser Robotic System.

Please visit Research facilities for further details about LPRC Laboratories and equipment.

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