Research focus

Laser material processing is a multi-disciplinary subject, covering multi-physical processes such as thermal, mechanics, optical modelling in multi-scales. The team performs advanced modelling to support experimental works and to delve into the deep science of the process. The centre has four research areas with each allocated to a dedicated team with specialist skills in the appropriate fields.

Additive and shaping processes

Additive and Shaping Processes

The team is specialising in additive manufacturing using Laser Direct Metal Powder Deposition and Wire Deposition techniques. Current projects are developing these processes and applying them to high performance, nickel and titanium alloys.

Cutting, drilling and welding

Cutting, drilling and welding

The team is looking at a range of cutting and drilling processes of particular interest to the aerospace industries, including welding of dissimilar metals and laser drilling of cooling holes in aerospace components.

Micro, nano-processes, nano-photonics and meta-materials

Micro and Nano-Processes, NanoPhotonics and MetaMaterials

The main current projects are: laser interaction with micro/nano-objects, Nanophotonics modelling, the application of laser technology for extending micro-tool lifetimes by surface refurbishment and deposition of nano-structured coatings, laser generation of nano-particles by high-power, high-brightness lasers and micro-machining of various materials using ultra-fast lasers.

Computer simulation and modelling

Computer Simulation and Modelling

The team is demonstrating the wide scope of this field by performing muti-scale multi-disciplinary modelling of laser material interactions with both analytical and numerical modelling techniques.

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