Cutting, drilling and welding

Lasers are used in a vast range of cutting, drilling and welding applications. Material removal by laser has important advantages over traditional mechanical processes including small kerf width, small cut taper, minimal heat affected zone (HAZ) and the ability to drill high aspect ratio holes in hard materials. Laser welding similarly offers advantages in terms of lower distortion, HAZ and better melt pool control than traditional methods.

Main projects

Cutting, drilling and welding

Glass cutting, metal deposition, thin film welding and laser cutting of plastics developing super-high speed laser processing techniques.

Team members

Academic staff:

  • Dr P Mativenga - Team leader
  • Dr M Sheikh

Research students:

  • Mr Stephen Leigh
  • Mr Juan Carlos Hernandez Castaneda
  • Mr Salman Nisar
  • Mr Reza Negarestani
  • Miss Maturose Suchatawat
  • Mr Mostafa Okasha
  • Miss Norhafiza Muhammad
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