Micro and nano processes

Nano photonics and meta materials.

Micro, one millionth of a meter, and nano, one thousand millionth of a metre, processes have immense potential to revolutionise future engineering, medical and computing processes. At present, there is intensive research into controlling and manipulating nanostructured materials and particles. Many processes are still at a proof or concept stage and research is also helping to gain a fundamental understanding of atomic scale processes.

Main projects

Micro and Nano-Processes, NanoPhotonics and MetaMaterials

Optical nanoscope, particle lens nanopatterning, laser cleaning, surface enhanced raman scattering, single molecule sensing, modelling of laser cleaning, modelling of laser cutting, modelling of laser surface treatment.

Team members

  •   Dr Z Liu
  •   Dr M Sheikh
  •   Dr Lingfei Ji - Academic Visitor
  •   Dr D Whitehead - Experimental Officer
  •   Dr A Abdolvand - Honorary -Research Associate

Research students

  • Miss Ana Pena
  • Mr Sohaib Khan
  • Mr Jiao Jiao
  • Mr Gareth Littlewood
  • Ms Nazanin MIR-Hosseini
  • Mr Ashfaq Khan
  • Mr Rober Loyed
  • Mr Sabri Jamil
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