Press coverage


  • Best Poster Award (Ramandan Eghlio), Best Research Image Award (Noorhafiza  Muhammad), 2nd Prize of Oral presentation (Ashfaq Khan)
    PostGradue Research (PGR) Conference, School of MACE, University of Manchester, 2010
  • Laser Institute of America, Best Poster Size (PhD Ana, Hu-chi Chen), ICALEO conference, 2009.
  • House of Commons, Young Engineer of the Year Award. poster prize for "Modelling of Powder Flow in Laser Rapid Prototytping", 2002.
  • Laser Institute of America, International Congress on Applications of Laser and Electro Optics, best poster paper, 1st prize, 2002.
  • University of Manchester Distinguished Service Medal. for Postgraduate research work, 2004.
  • Sir Frank Whittle Award, by Northwest Aerospace Alliances, for best project work on aerospace related engineering, 2000.
  • Arthur Charles Main Award by Institute of Mechanical Engineers, for the paper "The Role of High Power Lasers in Nuclear Decommissioning", presented at Nuclear Decon 2001 Conference.

Press coverage archive

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  • EPSRC Engineering Matters, “Paint Stripping by Laser”, Issue 7, April 2000.
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  • Professional Engineering, “Lined up to Take the Heat”, Vol.13, No.3, Feb.2000, p21
  • Times Higher Education Supplement “The Grout that Will never Get Grimy”, 14 May, 1999.
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  • Biophotonics International, “Laser Trio Seals Out Biohazards”, May/June, 1997
  • Photonics Spectra, “Laser Trio Seals Out Biohazards, Mildew”, March 1997, pp.29-30.
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