Research focus

Seven major research areas

Our work covers the entire range of the engineering sciences, from the microstructure of materials to the flow of ocean currents. We work with the power generating industries, including renewable energy, aerospace, automotive, biomechanics and civil engineering companies. Our research interests range from the fundamental physics of turbulent flow to strategies for simulations involving multiple failure mechanisms and the challenges of modelling the interaction between fluid flow and structural behaviour. 

Fluid mechanics

Work on developing a formal structure for multiscale methods.

Combustion and heat transfer

Modelling studies are focussing on dealing with the strong gradients that exist in combustion events.

Acoustic flows

Hybrid modelling strategies for acoustic flows.

Non-overlapping domain decomposition

Our approach is to formulate it as an inverse problem and perform multiple calculations.

Smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH)

SPH group working on the development and application of the meshless method. 

Fracture and structural integrity

Pioneering the development of graph theory, methods to meso-scale solid mechanics problems.

Material and structural response at high strain rate

Impact and high strain rate response, particularly related to concrete structures.

Welding technology

“Weld modelling” is a powerful multi-disciplinary tool for understanding the structural performance of welded structures.

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