Manchester Biomanufacturing Centre

Biomanufacturing integrates life science and engineering fundamentals to produce biocompatible products enhancing the quality of life. It is an emergent domain defined as the design, fabrication, assembly and measurement of bio-elements into structures, devices, and systems, and their interfacing and integration into/with larger scale structures in vivo or in vitro.

The Manchester Biomanufacturing Centre was recently established at the University of Manchester to be a world leading research centre in this new field. It integrates a group of multidisciplinary researchers and state-of-the-art equipment. The research program focus, among other topics, on computer-aided design and manufacturing of medical devices, biomaterials, design and fabrication of tissue scaffolds, tissue constructs and drug delivery systems, cell printing and organ printing.

Our aims

The ageing population, high expectations for better quality of life and the changing lifestyle of modern society require an improved, more efficient and affordable health care, which poses new challenging problems regarding the increasing number of implants required, new diseases to be treated and organ shortage problems.

The mission of the Manchester Biomanufacturing Centre is to contribute to the advancement of science and technology leading to more suitable, effective and efficient medical devices. To pursue this mission, the group will carry out top quality research in materials, computer simulation and advanced manufacturing processes. The group will focus its activities on both healing and repairing strategies.

Fundamental topics

  • Materials for medical manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Computer Modelling and Simulation


  • Biomanufacturing, Cell and Organ Printing
  • Biodegradable, Biocompatible Biomaterials and Cells
  • Biomodelling of Medical Devices
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Biomechanics

International collaboration

 Strong international collaborations:

  • University of Pisa, Italy
  • University of Naples, Italy
  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • University of Porto, Portugal
  • Nanyang University, Singapore
  • University of Campinas, Brazil
  • University of Girona, Spain

CIRP-BioM 2015

The second CIRP Conference on Biomanufacturing
July 29-31, 2015, Manchester Conference Centre, UK

Visit the CIRP-Biom page

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