Rolls-Royce Nuclear University Technology Centre

The Rolls-Royce Nuclear University Technology Centre (UTC) was set up to formalise the working relationship between Rolls Royce and the University of Manchester and to establish a source of knowledge and research capability in designated fields of study.

The Centre underpins the science and engineering requirements of Rolls-Royce and helps to develop the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers needed by industry.

The Centre has provided a reliable source of world-class engineering and manufacturing capability, carried out both by research students and academic staff. The Nuclear Technology UTC in Manchester is focussing on material properties, modelling of processes in the nuclear plant, as well as safety and reliability with applications in both civil nuclear power and submarines. The other UTC at Manchester is in the area of Electrical Systems for Extreme Environments.

Research focus

The Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre focuses on:

  • properties of fissile and engineering materials.
  • modelling of processes in nuclear plants.
  • nuclear safety and reliability.
  • applications in civil nuclear power and the submarine programme. 

Key contacts

Professor Tim Abram (MACE)

Professor Michael Preuss (School of Materials)
Deputy Director

Ms. Reyes Palacios (MACE)




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