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Tyndall Manchester seminars

The next Tyndall Manchester seminar will be presented by Professor Audley Genus on Thursday 26th May at 4pm in room C21, Pariser Building

Changing institutions in a changing climate- Professor Audley Genus, Kingston University

In the seminar, I argue that a more rounded understanding of how to respond effectively to the challenges posed by human-made climate change may be obtained by drawing on an institutional perspective. In particular I advance an approach which combines neo-institutional theory and critical discourse analysis in a complementary way. Such a discourse-institutional view has a number of benefits: (1) institutionally, it moves analysis beyond the usual if understandable focus on the activities and policies of government; (2) due attention is given to a view of institutions as stable but potentially changeable norms, professional standards, culture, and ingrained habit; (3) the language basis of institutions is duly recognized; and (4) connections among language in text, and in discursive and social practice are acknowledged, as are their role in processes of (non- or de-) institutionalization. The presentation summarizes the suggested approach, and illustrates it with reference to the example of the diffusion of renewable energy technologies.

Audley Genus, PhD, is YTL Professor of Innovation and Technology Management at Kingston University. He researches innovation, sustainability and technology policy, publishing in journals such as Research Policy, and Technological Forecasting and Social Change. He is the editor of the book ‘Sustainable Consumption, Design and Innovation’, published by Springer (2016). 

Forthcoming Tyndall Manchester seminars

Thursday 23rd June- Professor Andrew Stirling, University of Sussex

Thursday 20th October- Professor Raymond Pierrehumbert, University of Oxford

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