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Policy Week 2015

Climate Negotiations Simulation, Monday 2nd November, from 16.00 to 18.00

Speakers: Professor Alice Bows-Larkin, Director of Tyndall Manchester.

As world leaders prepare to gather in Paris, the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research will host a mock UN climate negotiation in Manchester. This event is an opportunity for you to discuss the issues at stake for each country, and learn about trends in climate, energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

The World Climate Exercise was developed by Climate Interactive and MIT. Thousands of people have participated in these events around the world, from primary school classes to major business CEOs. It is regularly used in our teaching at The University of Manchester.

Underlying your negotiations, of where and when emissions will be cut, is a robust climate model so delegates will have real time results on the likely consequences.

This event is run in conjunction with: Manchester: A Certain Future

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Hot in the City: Urban Resilience and Cooling, Tuesday 3rd November, from 15.15 to 16.45

Chair: Dr Sarah Mander, Tyndall Manchester, University of Manchester

Panel: Dr Rita Shaw, Electricity North West Ltd, Dr Claire Smith, University of Leicester, DrJeremy Carter, CURE, University of Manchester, Dr Vladimir Jankovic, CHSTM, University of Mancheste

Heatwaves cause great discomfort to many in cities around the world and are likely to increase with climate change. Unfortunately, one of our main responses, air conditioning, is expensive and may cause significant stress to the electric grid. This event brings together leading experts to discuss our understanding of increased temperatures in urban environments in an interactive format. There will be a particular focus on Manchester. It will be of interest to public and private sector building managers, property developers, those with responsibility for groups vulnerable to heatwaves (eg the elderly), electricity system stakeholders affected by cooling loads, and policy makers with an interest in addressing the above.

As Policy Week takes place in November, a time of the year when the discomfort of sweltering city temperatures is far from people’s minds, a short film will be shown to set the scene.

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Conference papers submitted to the Shipping in Changing Climates Conference, Liverpool, 18th and 19th June 2014


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