High Seas Project

Assessing the technical and operational scope for rapid carbon emission reduction from global shipping

An Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) project aiming to explore potential opportunities within the shipping industry for making large, step-change reductions in emissions.

The first step in reducing emissions is to be able to accurately measure them

Accurately measuring shipping emissions

There is currently considerable uncertainty with regard to the level of shipping emissions and this project will begin by developing a methodology that aims to substantially reduce this level of uncertainty.

Project overview

The project aimed to:-

  • Develop a methodology that aims to substantially reduce the level of uncertainty regarding shipping emission levels;
  • Look at the issue of apportionment, exploring existing methodologies and developing new ones to determine which nations are responsible for what proportion of historic and current shipping emissions;
  • Explore the technical and operational measures available for reducing global shipping emissions by an amount sufficient for the UK to meet its overall climate change objectives;
  • Calculate the various (technical and operational) measures and then be discuss the outcomes with shipping stakeholders to obtain feedback on whether the reduction potential is plausible.


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