Advancing UK Bioenergy


SUPERGEN is a nationally-funded programme of research into sustainable power generation and supply. Researchers work in consortia: multidisciplinary partnerships between industry and universities, which are intended to promote interaction, generation of new ideas and transfer of research results, as well as significant step changes in power supply.

Tyndall Manchester is involved in the Biomass and Bioenergy Consortium, overseeing research into the opinions of the public and stakeholders on bioenergy powerplants and scenarios, and undertaking extended life cycle analyses of bioenergy systems.


Tyndall Manchester is leading Theme 6

Biomass is unique within the renewables sector in that the sustainably accessible resource is finite. This project examines how best to utilise this limited resource in the UK investigating fuel characteristics, user requirements, conversion routes and their impacts.

Systems Analysis

Tyndall Manchester is leading on Theme 6: Systems Analysis. Systems Analysis Objectives:-

To facilitate an informed answer to the question: "What is the best use of our limited biomass resource?" by consistently and comprehensively assessing the relative economic, environmental and social impacts of bioenergy conversion to electricity, transport fuels and heat.

To analyse how can the UK economically and sustainably increase bioenergy utilisation, including policy instruments and practical implications.

Scenario development

Technical performance, economic feasibility, environmental impact and social implications of entire bioenergy systems are to be evaluated over the full life cycle. Common assessment criteria are informed by expert consultation and stakeholder engagement.

The Markal energy model will be used to help assess alternative policy options. Discourse analysis and other social science approaches will help assess stakeholder opinion.

Scenarios will be developed as a basis for investigating policy options for a more sustainable UK bioenergy sector.

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