WISE PV Project


Whole System Impacts and Socio-economics of wide scale PV integration (WISE PV)


This project is associated with the EPSRC Solar Energy Hub and is led by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester.  It sets out the scientific, technical and socio-economic grand challenge of wide scale integration of photovoltaic systems (PV) into electric power systems with particular focus on the UK. This challenge is interdisciplinary and the research required to address it requires a range of interdisciplinary skills.

Project objectives

The project aims to maximise the contribution of PV to UK renewable energy and carbon reduction targets by strategically assessing the systems level challenges that are encountered with adventurous levels of PV penetration in the UK energy system.  The expertise of the group will evaluate the challenges:-

  • for the electrical system;
  • for material/resource availability;
  • of cost reduction;
  • of maximising life-cycle carbon reductions;
  • of delivering social benefits.

Tyndall Manchester Work Packages

Tyndall Manchester is leading the scenario development and life cycle sustainability work packages:-

  • WP2.1: Scenario development. 
  • WP2.2: Life-cycle sustainability of PV and implications for network assets.
  • WP2.3: Guiding PV development.

Further information

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