CSEF Project

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Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains (CSEF)

The EPSRC Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains brings together multidisciplinary research groups from the Universities of Brunel, Manchester and Birmingham along with key stakeholders to investigate and develop innovative approaches and technologies to effect substantial end use energy demand reductions within food chains.

Taking a whole systems approach, the wider consortium is: exploring energy and resource flows from farm gate to plate; investigating approaches and technologies for reducing energy demand; seeking to manage varying demand and supply through distributed power generation and demand-response services to the grid.


Tyndall Involvement

Tyndall Manchester work aims to use a multi-disciplinary approach to understand evolving trends in shopping, cooking and eating and the implications of these for energy use in food supply chains.  The work being undertaken includes:

Focus groups which explore what shapes changing patterns of shopping, cooking and eating; consumer support for demand management in the food supply system; and how changes might be brought about.

A large scale survey to understand how social circumstances and daily routines of domestic life impact on the energy demand for cooking

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