Policy instruments

Tackling climate change and wider sustainability issues involves the formulation and implementation of specific policy instruments.  Tyndall’s work on policy and governance has focused on two potential policy instruments, sustainability meta-labelling and Personal Carbon Trading. The ongoing labelling project is investigating whether and to what extent the implementation of a sustainability “meta label” might help to achieve more sustainable consumption.

Personal Carbon Trading

Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) is a proposed emissions trading scheme under which permits are allocated to adult individuals on an equal per capita basis and since 2003, Tyndall Manchester has conducted wide-ranging research into PCT.


Tyndall Manchester focus

A key criterion for assessing policy instruments is fairness and PCT raises the question of what constitutes a fair allocation of emissions permits, or alternatively the revenue from a carbon tax or the auction of permits, amongst the individuals of a nation.  This question of justice as it relates to greenhouse gas mitigation has been the subject of significant research at Tyndall Manchester.

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