Research impact

Research at Manchester is about more than citations in academic papers. Our aim is to apply our expertise in order to find solutions to the great challenges society faces.  We strive to shape the international agenda in collaboration with our partners in industry, government and academia.


The University of Manchester's place as one of the UK's top research universities was confirmed in the results of the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF).

100% of The School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering's impact on industry and policy was ranked as world leading or internationally excellent in REF 2014. Read the full results on


Discover the impact our research has in the real world by reading the features below.

Climate change

From long-term targets to stringent carbon budgets.

Carbon clash

Manchester scenarios put airline emissions in the policy frame.

New life for Oldbury

Life extension for UK nuclear reactors.

Steel frames

Construction industry slashes cost of fire protection in steel frame buildings.

Dating of fired clay ceramics

RHX method used to date archaeological ceramics.

Tidal stream energy

Accelerated development of a tidal stream energy industry.

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