Research themes

Aerospace engineering

We research key areas in aerospace engineering; from advanced materials and structures, to synthetic environments and autonomous systems.


This theme is concerned with the solution of medical and biological problems through the application of engineering techniques.

Climate change

We conduct leading edge research on emissions reductions and adaptation to a changing climate.

Innovative manufacturing

Our research in laser material processing, machining science and welding enables a step change improvement in manufacturing technology capability and energy and resource efficiency while while reducing environmental impact.

Management of projects

Researching process, people and technological issues associated with the policies and practices of project-based organisations.

Modelling and simulation

Our activities in solid and fluid mechanics and materials have seen great developments both in terms of volume of activity and in scientific advances.

Nuclear engineering

The School has a major nuclear research theme that encompasses many aspects of nuclear plants.

Offshore energy and coastal engineering

Our research addresses the development and evaluation of models to simulate the loading, performance and environmental impact of devices for generating electricity from offshore wind, ocean waves and tidal streams.

Structural and fire engineering

Safety and resilience of structures are the most fundamental requirement of society.

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