Aviation and the environment

Active research on aircraft noise, exhaust emissions, contrails, and engine performance deterioration.

B737-800 perceived noise footprint at London Heathrow (LHR). by Dr. A. Filippone

FLIGHT Screenshot of noise footprint

Noise footprint example from FLIGHT. by Dr. A. Filippone

Contrails over Manchester

Contrails over Manchester. by Dr. A. Filippone

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Research focus

  • Aircraft Noise: Acoustic simulations for the complete aircraft system, noise prediction from airframe components (aerodynamic noise), engine systems, propellers, noise footprints, airfield modelling, effects of multiple flight paths, atmospheric effects on noise propagation, uncertainty quantification, noise measurements at the airfield and in the laboratory (wings, wing systems).
  • Aircraft exhaust emissions: Flight path optimisations for minimum emissions, including perfect flights, steep trajectories, ground operations, fuel tankering, aero-engine performance, jet blasts at the airfield, direct-operating costs, system engineering and flight-data recorder (FDR) analysis.
  • Aircraft contrails: Flight path optimisation and decision-making to reduce contrail formation.
  • Engine Performance Deterioration: Effects of volcanic ash in flight (commercial airplanes), effects of dust and sand ingestion (helicopter engines), operations in harsh environments (fuel cooling in extreme temperatures), dust cloud simulations, design and optimisation of particle separators (barrier filters and self-cleaning filters), intake aerodynamics, and airframe-engine integration.

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Consultancy and CPD

We offer Continued Professional Development (CPD) course on aircraft noise.

Our course is addressed to professionals, engineers, scientists, graduate students with interest in the effects of noise emissions from an engineering and technology point of view. Target businesses include commercial airlines, air traffic control, aviation organisations and regulators, aircraft and power plant manufacturers, aircraft designers, policy makers, aviation consultancy businesses, graduate students and academics.

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