Biofluid mechanics

The Biofluid Mechanics specialism is concerned with the application of experimental techniques and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to the study of medical and biological problems. Many such problems involve the interplay of several nominally distinct physical domains, such as structural mechanics, micro-fluidics and biochemistry. These problems concern a wide range of scales, from the width of a blood cell (microns) to the human body (metres). As such, this a multi-scale multi-physics subject.

Research focus

Work within this specialism focuses on a number of issues. These include:

  • the computational modelling of artificial heart pumps and assistive devices.
  • development of a computational platform for modelling of concentrated protein solutions.
  • modelling of electrospray applications for the purpose of efficient drug delivery.
  • development of fluid-structure interaction capability for the insertion of arterial stent.
  • development of near real-time surgery simulation platforms for medical training applications.
  • development of microfluidic bio-mimetic swimmers for future medical applications.


Academic Staff:  Dr Alistair Revell, Dr Ben Rogers, Dr Kate Smith, Dr Shan Zhong, Prof Ali TuranDr Nicholas Bojdo

Please contact one of the academic staff for further details of current research activity.

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