Laser facilities

Laser Processing

What can we do?

  • Enhanced welding processes: net shape, thin section, low distortion, low heat affected zone, narrow weld.
  • Enhanced material/surface properties and performance: scratch resistance, improved adhesion, self-cleaning, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, increased fatigue life, increased cell adhesion.
  • Enhanced drilling processes: faster, micro holes, angled holes, reduced tooling cost, chemical free.
  • Enhanced cutting processes: high speed, high quality, complex profiles, low heat affected zone.
  • Additive manufacturing: rapid prototyping, complex 3D structures, repair of high value components.
  • Laser micro/nano engineering : cutting, drilling, 3D/2D marking and engraving, nano-scale imaging. 

16 KW IPG Multi-Mode Fibre Laser

This is one of the highest-powered single mode fibre lasers currently installed in the UK. The most versatile and customisable option within the product line is the YLS series fiber laser. Developed as a complete system, this design features the widest range of fiber diameters, the option to terminate to up to 6 ports from one power source, and the ability to upgrade. They have garnered wide acceptance in the very demanding automotive, aerospace and oil and gas industries, many requiring the operation of multiple shifts.


  • Power: 100 – 1 kW (CW)

  • Wavelength: 1070-1080 nm
  • M2: 1.1-1.2
  • Beam moderate rate: up to 5 kHz
  • Beam delivery: Optical fibre (10 m, 14 μm core diameter)
  • CNC system: linear motor table (up to 4 m/s speed)

Light machinery IPEX848 Excimer laser micro-processing system

The IPEX 848 Industrial excimer lasers can be used for precision applications in electronics, telecommunications, semiconductor, medical devices and pulsed laser deposition.


  • Average power: 80 W
  • Wavelength: 248 nm (KrF)
  • Pulse width: 8-15 ns
  • Pulse energy: 450 mJ
  • Repetition rate: 0-200 Hz
  • Applications: Micro-machining, surface cleaning, thin film deposition, ablation.

Impact 3150HP TEA CO2 laser from light machinery

The IMPACT 3150HP is a High-power short-pulse CO2  laser for surface layer removal and cleaning, non-destructive testing, and photochemistry.


  • Average power: 300 W
  • Wavelength: 10.6 μm
  • Pulse width:  0.1 to 2μs
  • Pulse energy:  2 J
  • Repetition rate: 0-150 Hz
  • Applications: Micro-machining, surface cleaning, thin film deposition, ablation.

IPG 500W fibre laser

IPG's YLR Series represents a new generation of diode-pumped CW Ytterbium fiber laser systems of near infrared spectral range (1060-1080 nm) with a unique combination of high power, ideal beam quality, fiber delivery and high wall-plug efficiency. 


  • Power: 50– 500W (CW)

  • Wavelength: 1070-1080 nm
  • M2: 1.1-1.2
  • Beam moderate rate: up to 5 kHz
  • Beam delivery: Optical fibre (10 m, 14 μm core diameter)
  • CNC system: 3 Axis Galvanometer

Powerlase 400 W Q-switched DPSS laser

Diode pumped Nd:YAG

An acousto-optically switched, 400 Watt diode pumped Nd:YAG DPSS laser system. High average powers are produced, at the fundamental frequency of operation, via modular cavity design based around a standard gain module configuration. The system is based on the industrially proven AO4 oscillator, amplified in a power oscillator, power amplifier configuration.


  • Average power: 10-400 W
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Pulse: 30-200 ns

  • Pulse energy: 8-50 mJ

  • Repetition rate: 3-35 kHz
  • Applications: Micro-machining, cutting, surface cleaning and drilling

LDL–160-1500 diode laser materials processing system

The direct diode laser series, LDL, is available from Laserline in several ranges offering different beam qualities and laser output powers of 150 W to 10,000 W. Despite its high power, the diode laser head is no larger than a shoebox and weighs only 18 kg. The laser head is equipped with optics, such as those required for hardening and welding applications, and is positioned directly in the processing area in production. The spot can be adjusted to suit different applications by simply changing the processing optics. The laser head can often be equipped with a removable fiber connector and, consequently, can be used with or without laser light cable.


  • Optical power: 1500 watts CW
  • Wavelengths: 808 nm + 940 nm
  • Minimum spot size: 0.9 x 1 mm2 (FWHM) at focal length F=100 mm
  • Beam delivery: 5 m optical fibre with 1 mm core diameter NA=0.2 circular beam diameter 1 mm at focal length of 80 mm.
  • Applications: surface treatment (hardening, cleaning, alloying, cladding, particle bonding and melting), welding, concrete cutting, metal deposition, metal forming, paint stripping, concrete decontamination and rapid additive manufacturing etc.

Spectron 100 W CO2 laser marking and engraving machine

Spectron 100W SLC series is a sealed DC-excited CO2 laser with unparalleled beam quality, efficiency, and longevity.


  • Average power: 100 W CO2 laser. 

  • Computer controlled: X-Y galvanometer beam scanner
  • CAD/CAM software for surface marking /engraving.
  • Applications: fine cutting, marking, engraving, surface cleaning.

Spectron SL402 Q-switched multiple- frequency Nd:YAG laser


  • Wavelength: 1064 nm, 532 nm.
  • Pumping: Flash-lamp
  • Average Power: 4 W (IR at 15 Hz), 0.2 W (Green), Q-switched.
  • Pulse: 14-16 ns, 128 mJ (1064 nm), 15 mJ (532 nm), mixed wavelengths: 121 mJ, 0-15 Hz.
  • Applications: Vapour deposition, surface ablation, marking, engraving, micro-machining and shock peening.

Quantum Maxi-Mark III Q-switched Nd:YAG laser marking/engraving machine


  • Average power: 0- 75 W.
  • Peak power: 120 kW.
  • Wavelength:  1064 nm.
  • Pulse: 15-20 ns, 0.1 - 25 kHz
  • Beam delivery: x-y Galvanometer
  • Work field: 120 mm x 120 mm + z axis
  • CAD/CAM: α-CAM
  • Applications: Marking, engraving, sintering, surface cleaning, thin film coating and powder sintering.

Rofin-Sinar 2.5 kW Slab CO2 laser processing system specifications


  • Average power: 0-2.5 kW
  • Wavelength: 10.6 μm
  • Beam geometry: rectangular or circular.
  • Aero-Tech DC CNC table.
  • Applications: Cutting, welding, rapid prototyping, and surface treatments (cladding and alloying).

Lumonic 35LD 3-Axis Nd:YAG laser machining system


  • Average power: 30 W
  • Pulse width: 0.1 – 10 ms
  • Focused beam size: 50 μm.
  • Computer controlled x-y galvanometer beam scanner.
  • CAD/CAM software for surface marking /engraving.
  • Applications: fine cutting, drilling and spot welding.

Electrox, Scorpion Nd:YAG laser 3-axis materials processing system


  • Power: 0-400 W
  • Peak power: 7 kW
  • Wavelength: 1.064 μm
  • Pulse: 0.3-10 ms, 0 – 1 kHz, 7J/pulse
  • CNC Table: x-y-z Gantry (Unimatic) 500 mm x 500 mm x 165 mm, stepping motor control.
  • Applications: Drilling, precision cutting, welding and surface treatment.

Coherent Libra Femtosecond Ti-Sapphire laser

The industry-leading, one-box Ti:Sapphire based amplifier with integrated oscillator and pump lasers. The Libra is configured in a ultra-stable, compact platform and features high performance comparable to advanced multi-box systems. The compelling, customer-value advantage and market success of Libra are enabled by key design innovations throughout, and the Libra concept has proven itself in a wide range of scientific applications and demanding industrial settings.


  • Average power: 1 W
  • Wavelength: 800 nm
  • Pulse width: 100 fs
  • Pulse energy: 1 mJ
  • Repetition rate: to 1 kHz
  • Applications: Micro/nano-machining, ablation, vapour deposition, micro-prototyping.

Spectra-Physics YHP40 Q-switched diode pumped Nd:YVO4 laser

The Spectra-Physics® Navigator™ DPSS lasers deliver excellent beam quality and high intensity pulses, and offer a wide range of pulse widths and repetitions rates. Navigator Q-switched lasers are either water or air cooled. Their end-pumped technology produces a Gaussian beam profile that can be focused to very small spot sizes for precision processing of sub-µm features.


  • Wavelength: 1064 nm, 18 W, Second harmonic, 532 nm wavelength, maximum 9 W, Third harmonic unit: 355 nm wavelength, maximum 4 W.
  • Pulse Width: 10 to 35 ns
  • Repetition Rate: 10-80 kHz
  • Applications: drilling, micro-machining, LCVD, LPVD, surface cleaning, marking, engraving. 

Laserlines Laserval Violino 532 laser marker

Laservall's "Violino Green" is a diode-pumped, Q-switched, air-cooled OEM laser, with a 7W nominal output power, in the single transverse mode (TEM00). The laser emits at the wavelength of 532nm, thanks to frequency doubling (second harmonic generation). The raw output (1064nm) is fibre delivered to a frequency doubling head and the head is in turn connected to a galvanometer. 


  • Wavelength: 532nm
  • Average
Power: 7 W

  • Pulse width: 7ns
  • Repetition Rate: 20-80 kHz
  • Motion System: 3 axis galvanometer
  • Applications: marking, engraving, surface texturing

IPG 16 kW fibre laser

This is one of the highest powered fibre lasers currently installed in the UK. The most versatile and customisable option within the product line is the YLS series fiber laser. Developed as a complete system, this design features the widest range of fiber diameters, the option to terminate to up to 6 ports from one power source, and the ability to upgrade. The system is attached to 3 robot arm facilities, cutting, welding and deposition. They have garnered wide acceptance in the very demanding automotive, aerospace and oil and gas industries, many requiring the operation of multiple shifts.


  • Average Power: 1 – 16 kW (CW)

  • Wavelength: 1070-1080 nm
  • M2: 1.1-1.2
  • Beam delivery: Optical fibre (10 m, 14 μm core diameter)
  • Robot system: 3 Kuka robot arms.

400 W Picosecond Laser

The state-of-the-art Picosecond Laser, with the highest output power on the market, has been developed to meet the quality requirements by industry. This is an ultra-short pulsed laser that offers new possibilities in the manufacturing of high end products. This laser offers extra high processing qualities, with an economical and sufficient processing speed. 


  • Average power: 400 W
  • Repetition rate: 490 kHz-19.9 MHz
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Pulse length: 10 ps
  • Galvo scanning speed: 10 m/s
  • X-Y-Z table speed: 0.5 m/s

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Analytical, materials processing and preparation facilities

Analytical facilities

Hitachi high technologies scanning electron microscope 

The S-3400N is a powerful, yet user-friendly SEM through newly developed electron optical and automated functions.  The Hitachi image quality convinces at high and low beam energies, and optimised detector technology provides maximum information from your sample. Variable chamber pressure allows chargeup-free observation of any sample without special preparation techniques such as coating.

Leica optical microscope

This materials microscope combines high-quality Leica optics with state-of-the-art universal white light LED illumination. It is the ideal inspection tool for all kinds of routine inspection tasks in metallography, earth science, forensic investigation, and materials quality control and research.

Veeco atomic force microscope

 The Innova Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) delivers accurate, high-resolution imaging and a wide range of functionality for advanced research in physical, life, and material sciences. The system has been engineered to provide an unmatched combination of productivity, ease of use, and application flexibility for the most demanding scientific research.

Wyko NT1100 white light interferometer

The NT1100 utilises
white light interferometry for high resolution 3D surface measurements, from sub-nanometer roughness to millimeter high steps. On super smooth or rough surfaces, the versatile NT1100 provides repeatable surface measurement for R&D, wear and failure analysis, and process control.

Analytik jena specord 250

Analytik Jena SPECORD 250 is a Double Beam UV-VIS 190-1100nm spectrometer.

Other materials processing and material preparation facilities

  • Zulzer Metco 6P-II Flame Spray Coating System
  • EX900C-10F Cermam Arc_lamp, Controller Model: ILC PSC-1000
  • Particle extraction system
  • Guyson Formula F1400 Shot Blasting Machine
  • Guyson Pencil Blaster
  • Carbolite 500 Furnace (to 500 °C)
  • Carbolite CWF 12/13 Furnac (to 1200 °C)
  • Struers LaboPress-3 Sample Mounter/Moulder
  • Struers Accutom-5 Precision Cutter - Automatic
  • Struers Labtom Cutter - Manual,
  • Morton Clipper CST 65 Masonry Saw,
  • Struers Dap-7, 3-head Semi-automatic Polisher
  • Praxair 1264 CE Powder Feeder
  • FST PF-2/2 Twin Hopper Powder Feeder

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Milling and cutting

Mikron HSM 400 high speed milling centre


Machine specifications:

  • Working Spindle has a maximum RPM of 42000, uses HSK-E40 has maximum power of   13.5 kW and torque of 8.8Nm.
  • The maximum X, Y, Z axes  travel is 500 x 450 x 360 mm
  • The rapid feedrate in   X, Y, Z axes  is 60 m/min
  • The maximum work table load is 120 kg
  • The Control unit Heidenhain iTNC 530


Applications of the Mikron HSM 400 and other CNC Machines

We undertake basis machining science research and technology development for companies using the Mikron HSM 400. This covers:

  • micro milling,
  • micro drilling,
  • high speed milling,
  • high performance milling
  • conventional milling.

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Nuclear facilities

Thermophysical Analysis Suite

Thermophysical Analysis Suite

  • Simultaneous Thermal Analyser (STA)
  • Dilatometer (DIL)
  • Laser Flash Analyser (LFA)
Mechanical Analysis

Mechanical Analysis

  • Helium Pycnometer
  • Resonant Frequency and Dampening Analyser
  • Surface Area Analyser
  • Ultrasonic Elasticity Measurement System
  • High Accuracy Balances
  • Laser Marking System
Radiolytical Analysis Suite 

Radiolytical Analysis Suite

  • Radiolytical Systems
  • Leaching Facilities
  • Laser Flash Analyser (LFA)
mass spectrometry suite 

Mass Spectrometry Suite

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