About the contest

The contest is open to anyone, anywhere, and is free to enter

We have tried to make the Enviro-Game Concept contest as open and accessible as possible. Your game design may be for any type of game, such as adventure or shoot-em-up, platform or maze, 2D or 3D.

Judging the contest

Entries will be judged on:

  • Ability of the design to improve the player’s awareness of saving energy.
  • Clarity of the design presentation and underlying game concept description.
  • Potential playability and entertainment value of the game concept.
  • Potential programmability of the game design.
  • Potential for attractive graphical interpretation of the game design.
  • Potential for further development.


  • All entrants will receive a printable certificate of participation and recognition of their achievement.
  • The winner of each category, as determined by the judges, will receive an engraved trophy.
  • Each winner will be invited to receive their award at CORE event to be held in September.
  • Sponsor donated prizes will be also be presented at the CORE event.
  • In addition to the contest prizes, selected members of CORE will award a special prize and certificate. This will be the entry that they judge to have the greatest potential for increasing public awareness of the need for saving energy.


Results will be announced early September 2014.

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