Contest rules

    1. Age: The contest is open to all ages; those under 18 must provide their parents consent. Where the law has different restrictions and requirements for entry to such contests, it will be the responsibility of the entrant to comply.
    2. Copyright: Entries cannot contain or depend upon any third party copyright or brand identity unless specific authorisation is included in the submission. All entries must be the original, unencumbered intellectual property of the entrant or group of entrants.
    3. Suitability: Entries should not include any inappropriate content and must be suitable for all game players.
    4. Use of game content: Contestants grant the non-exclusive unencumbered rights to the organisers to use their game concept entry and details for promotion and further development, on this and other websites, at the discretion of the organisers. However, all entrants retain the right to develop or exploit their concepts themselves or with commercial partners if they wish.
    5. Participation: No member of the CORE executive or the contest organising committee may enter the contest, nor assist any entrant.
    6. Amendments: The organiser reserve the right to amend and append to these rules if and when they deem fit.
    7. Comercialisation: If any concept becomes commercial, as decided by the organisers, royalty payments will be shared with the entrant.
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