Efficient x-sector use of heterogeneous materials in manufacturing

It is estimated that by 2015 end of life composite waste in the EU will reach 251,000 tonnes and production waste will reach 53,000 tonnes. These quantities pose major legacy problems for the industry as EU legislation is tightening up on the disposal of composite-containing materials to landfill.

EXHUME, Efficient X-sector use of Heterogeneous Materials in Manufacturing

EXHUME is a collaboration between the universities of Birmingham, Cranfield, Exeter and Manchester which aims to develop novel and resource efficient composite recycling and re-manufacture processes in collaboration with industry.

The project aims to deliver industrial impact by underpinning and encouraging cross-sector use of recycled composite materials.

EXHUME will address the difficult scientific and technical challenges currently faced by the composite industry due to the heterogeneous nature of composite materials.



The University of Manchester


University of Birmingham



University of Exeter

Cranfield University


Research focus

Our work looks at the:

  • development of novel transformation technologies to process thermoset and thermoplastic composites.
  • development of a fundamental understanding of the microstructure-property relationship in scrap material and in manufacturing process science.
  • provision of vital support to companies to exploit the scrap re-manufacturing technology.
  • evaluation of the energy and resource efficiency of composite re-processing, re-use and re-manufacture assessing the environmental impact and business case.
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