Micro-injection moulding

The research characterisation of micro scale polymer flow behaviour at the melt/tool interface using rapid tooling and novel condition monitoring techniques. This includes:

  • characterisation of demoulding and studies on the influence of injection and cavity pressure on the demoulding force in micro-injection moulding.
  • manufacturing routes for replicating micro and nano surface structures with bio-mimetic applications, and applying novel diamond like carbon surface structuring for micro injection mould masters.
  • investigating rapid tooling solutions for micro lens prototypes, and soft tooling for producing small series of polymer micro parts.

Research focus

The main focus of this research is in:

  • micro-injection moulding.
  • tooling.
  • process factors.
  • potential uses of Bulk Metallic Glass (BMG) materials in micro injection moulding.
  • gas compression and air evacuation in high speed polymer melt transfer.
  • the behaviour of polymer melts including the slip stick phenomena over highly polished and rough engineered surfaces.
  • the application of direct piezo pressure measurement in micro cavities.


Much of this work has been done in collaboration with UK and European partners such as 4M Association, RAFT, FOTEC, TEKNIKER, DTU, IMTEK, Univerity of Bradford, Cardiff University, TNO, Battenfeld, SARIX, CEA, Alicona, GBO, Moldflow, Microsystems UK, KIT, FHWN and Plastipolis.


Academic Staff: Dr Christian Griffiths

Please contact one of the academic staff for further details of current research activity.

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