Staff - Management of projects

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Andrew Gale Professor, Management of Projects Research Theme Leader Pariser Building - E12 
Dr Paul Blackwell Senior Lecturer 0161-2754434 Pariser Building - E5 
Mrs Helen E Dobson Lecturer 0161-2754449 Pariser Building - E13 
Mr Timothy Jones Senior Lecturer 0161-2754365 Pariser Building 
Dr Moray Kidd Senior Lecturer - Reliability Engineering for Projects & Operations 0161-3063724 Pariser Building - E23 
Dr Kassandra Papadopoulou Lecturer in Enterprise 0161-3064652 Roscoe Building - 5.16E 
Dr Ian Stewart Senior Lecturer and Assistant Programme Director 0161-3063705 Pariser Building - E04 
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