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    The PhD students are working on a range of projects, which reflect the multi-disciplinary ethos of our group. All projects are strategically aligned with the 'complexity of risk' agenda.

      • Game theory applications in Construction - Ayda Abadi
      • Mediation Models - Mohammad Aminuddin Bin Haji 
      • Risk Factors in the UAE - Anood Altoryman
      • Conflict and Dispute in Saudi Arabian Construction  - Abdullah Alshehri
      • Transaction Cost Economics and Contract Strategy -  Elika Aminian
      • Web 2.0 and Collaboration - Hamed Mohagheghi-Fard 
      • Contract and Dispute in Iran - Mehdy Naimi&nbsp
      • PPP/PFI Risk factors in Pakistan - Aqsa Shabbir
      • The application of game theory to incentives for innovation in modern business - Yao Wang&nbsp

    Recently completed PhD’s

      • 2004 Yuh-Ming Yan Anna Yan, Predicting Disputes
      • 2006 Daniel Brawn, Security for Costs in Arbitration in England and Wales
      • 2010 Kyung Ryun Lee, Investigation of Korean Mediation Models
      • 2011 Ian Stewart, Profession and Innovation in the Experience of Historical and Contemporary Commercial Managers
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